Honey & Bell Photography

Hello, I’m Merissa!

I’m a wifey to Jason, new mom to my baby girl Kennedy, and a dog mom to the sweetest labradoodle, Riley.

My family fills my soul like no other.

I’m a daydreamer and 75% of my day is spent off inside my mind in some far away place I want to travel to. So lets go on an adventure for your session or big day!

My favorite things are:

Jason, Kennedy and Riley • Board Games • Ice Cream • Tom Hanks • The Eiffel Tower • Iced Chai Tea Lattes • Sunshine • Spending the 4th of July with my best pals • Last but definitely not least- my crazy, loud, inappropriate, loving, will do anything for you family!

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. As a young girl, the moment I would fill up my film rolls I would make my mom go to one hour photo to get them developed! In high school I fell in love with the darkroom and wanted to be a family’s personal photographer when I grew up. I received my degree in Photojournalism from Central Michigan University, FIRE UP CHIPS! I’ve worked as a photojournalist in Jackson, Kalamazoo, and Muskegon, MI and Lubbock, TX before starting my own photography business in 2010. I am a true photojournalist at heart and approach every session with a documentary feel. I’m blessed for my photojournalism experiences but equally as excited to be part of your family milestones.


Meet Chelsea!

Chelsea is a second shooter at Honey & Bell Photography! She has been assisting me since 2011. You will most likely see Chelsea at your session or wedding second shooting and learning the ropes. Some of the photos you see on the site are hers. It’s been really exciting to see her grow as a photographer and thank you to all our clients for trusting her with your special moments. She’s currently a photography major at Grand Valley State University. Chelsea also has the very important role of being my sister!


Honey & Bell Photography was inspired by both of my grandmothers. I’ve always looked up to the strong women in my life and wanted to pay tribute to two of the most important role models.

Marjorie “Honey”

Honey was my grandmother’s nickname her entire life. We lost her in 2005 and I have her high school memorabilia- her senior yearbook, newspaper clippings from her accomplishments (Pennsylvania’s Vice President of the Future Homemakers of America), and cheerleading megaphone. The messages in her yearbook are written to “Honey”- a swell girl, a jokester, and one of the prettiest girls. What I remember most about my grandma are those same exact things as her fellow classmates wrote. She was a true testament to living the life you want to lead because everything she wanted in that book is what she attained. She was always a straight shooter and if I ever needed advice I could get the real answer from her. She did everything with passion and vigor- from playing dice till the wee hours of the morning to transforming her house into a Christmas wonderland and halloween costumes were always so good you didn’t know if it was really her sitting on her porch or a straw stuffed decoration (it was usually her, waiting to pounce as you knocked on the door). I miss her everyday and I’m thankful she encouraged me to follow my dreams of becoming a photographer shortly before she passed. Kudos to you grandma, for following all your dreams too. xoxo


Bell is my grandmother’s maiden name. A part of her before she was a wife, mother, and grandmother. The part of her that shaped her into being such an inspiration in the above roles. I’ve been fortunate enough to live with her twice in my life. She took me in when I left my photojournalism career and it was in her house that my business was born. I feel so thankful for those moments with her – to learn more of who she was as a person and not just a grandma over our nightly dinners. My favorite part of my grandma is that she’s always felt like a friend. I’m confident that if we had grown up together we’d have been best friends. My whole life I’ve always said I want to be her (without the whole raising 7 children part, sorry mom). She created the most beautiful and caring family that I am so thankful to be part of. Every person in my family is wonderful because of her. She looks like a sweet quiet little lady but she is surprisingly spunky and one of the most beautiful souls you will ever meet. Even today, at 92 she has the most independent attitude. Such an inspiration.