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It's Honey & Bell Photography!

Hello World

Welcome to the new blog and Honey & Bell Photography! I’m beyond ecstatic to finally announce this change and for this breath of fresh air. Merissa Ferguson Photography was a great stepping stone into owning my own business but I’m so excited for this new adventure.  I’ve been considering changing my business name since, well, pretty much the first day I named it after myself in 2010. It’s been heavy on my mind the last couple years and since I got married in October 2014 and changed my name I knew it was time to move forward.

My favorite part of being a photographer is meeting new people and spending time with their families in some of the most important milestones of their lives. My family is the best part of my life and it was important to portray that in my business. Honey & Bell Photography is inspired by my grandmothers. Two women who embody the love of family more than anyone else I’ve met. Honey is from my grandma, Marjorie, on my father’s side. Her nickname has been Honey her entire life. We lost her in 2005 and I’m so happy to honor her life in something that is so important to me. Bell is from my grandma, Lorraine on my mom’s side of the family’s maiden name. When I changed my name I felt like I was losing a big part of my identity and it was important for me to use a part of both of these beautiful souls before they became a wife, mother, and grandmother. You can read more about them and their inspiration in my life on the about page on my website.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out the new website! It’s been months of work and I owe all of my thanks and gratitude to my sister Jess. She is a kick-ass designer and did all of my new branding, a majority of the website, encouragement and pushing me to get moving on this new chapter as a small business owner. Please check out her work and hire her. You won’t regret it.


xo Merissa

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