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Alexander Family

Madison Heights, Michigan

Alexander Family

The Alexander family just bought their first home and I spent the evening with Reagan, who recently turned one, to document some of her favorite nightly rituals and a few firsts for her!

Every night after her mom, Jackie, comes home from work, Reagan tugs at her pants asking to be held while Jackie tries to make dinner. Can’t blame the girl for missing her momma! While eating dinner Reagan decided to be a ham for the camera and surprise her parents by putting the bowl in her face. Luckily, Reagan learned how to clean real good from her grandma and always uses her wipes to clean up messes. Adorable and probably every parents dream.

That day Reagan sported her first skinned knee from the weekend before and bandaids from getting shots at her doctors visit that morning. She showed me how many snacks she can pile in her face and how fearless she is anytime she gets on the couch to ‘knock, knock’.

Reagan’s favorite time is bath-time and for the first time ever she tried getting into the tub all on her own! Luckily her mom caught her to help her climb over. Reagan’s other favorite thing to do is play with her brother, Stryka (the family cat) through the bathroom door. These two have a such a cute bond (see Reagan’s First Year album in Portraits for when she first came home). It was such a pleasure to capture some of Reagan’s favorite things and the memories her parents will want to hold on to.

The Location

Madison Heights, Michigan


June 29, 2015